Avoiding Hidden Costs with Building Companies

When venturing into the realm of residential construction, it is pivotal to recognize that not all building companies are carved from the same wood. With a spectrum ranging from franchise builders to specialized local businesses, understanding the fundamental differences becomes essential in navigating the hidden cost pitfalls that may ensue.

An illustrative scenario to consider: the average weekly rental for a satisfactory 3-bedroom home in Tauranga approximates $500.00. With a delay of 6 months in your building project, additional rental expenses alone can skyrocket to an alarming $12,000.00. Given the mounting pressure on the rental market—from the hurdle of securing tenancy to escalating costs, especially in regions like Tauranga and Auckland, the worry of potential leasing issues becomes palpable.

Further, the predicament deepens for those with possessions in storage, awaiting the completion of their home. Not only does a deferred build signify ongoing storage costs, but the inconvenience factor also looms, especially when that one specific item is needed from amidst your stored belongings.

Moreover, the delay-related costs don’t halt at rentals and storage. A protracted build timeline might expose you to the swelling prices of materials, fixtures, and fittings, often propelled by demand dynamics. With the current surge in demand, securing today’s pricing as opposed to next year’s inflated costs becomes crucial, and that’s where your choice of building company becomes pivotal.

Building with a stalwart ally like Tauranga builders Bespoke Construct shields you from such financial burdens. But why specifically Bespoke Construct?

Timeliness and Reliability: Bespoke Construct pledges a confirmed build timeframe, starting immediately upon building consent, which mitigates the risks of unexpected rental and storage costs.

Financial Certainty: Offering fixed-price contracts, they shield you from the unpredicted spikes in material costs, ensuring that your budget remains intact from contract signing to project completion.

Assurance: Your investment is safeguarded with a ten-year Master Builder Guarantee, providing you peace of mind knowing that quality and durability are non-negotiables.

Local Expertise: Their team, comprising experienced, professional local builders, brings to the table not just construction expertise, but a comprehensive understanding of local regulations, material sourcing, and community nuances.

Tailor-Made Solutions: Bespoke Construct specializes in new builds, renovations, and reclads, ensuring a custom-fit solution that aligns meticulously with your unique aspirations and needs.
In essence, the pathway to a seamless and transparent building experience is paved by choosing a partner who is not just a builder but an ally, navigating through the complexities and shielding you from potential hidden costs and challenges. Bespoke Construct emerges not just as a builder, but a partner whose ethos is firmly anchored in reliability, transparency, and unmatched quality. Thus, build wisely, build bespoke.

If you're looking for a Tauranga or Bay of Plenty builder for your new build, renovation, reclad or outdoor building project, get in touch with us today. We pride ourselves in being professional, easy to work with, and a company that goes the extra mile to make sure our customers are happy with the results of choosing to work with us.

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